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Simple Recent Comment Widget for Blogger / Blogspot

Simple, clean and minimal design of recent comments widget for Blogger / Blogspot website with RTL compatible.

Simple Recent Comment Widget for Blogger / Blogspot Feature Image

You are find a simple widget which can display recent comments for your Blogger / Blogspot websites? This is the right place for you.

We created this widget for who love simple designs without any avatar or date-time tags. This works best in any blog, and not need to touch to any code to customize it as you want because we already supported widget option form for you.

Before you work with the form, we would like to explain some important options you need to set up as a right way:

  • Number Comments: the number of comment you want to display in the widget. The input must be an integer. Don’t input a large number or you blog can be slow down
  • Summary Length: the number of character you want to display in the summary area of each comment item in your widget. The input must be also an integer.
  • Exclude Names: the names you don’t want to display. Input one name per line.

We also add an option to allow you enable / disable our credit link. Hop you will support us by leaving it as enable. Appreciate any help. Thank you.

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