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Reviews for MagOne – Responsive Magazine Blogger Template

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bysamkok911forFeature Availability2 years ago
This is the best template for Blogspot. Highly recommended. This is my website : https://www.samkok911.com
bymuhannadsmairatforCustomer Support2 years ago
Great template and great support team. Thanks alot
bysean.f.duffyforFlexibility2 years ago
It's nearly 12 months since I purchased Magone and I couldn't be happier, with close to 750,000 page views to date. The template is easy to use and looks awesome - here's my website if you want to take a look: https://www.littleireland.co.uk/
byInez111forOther Reason2 years ago
Most likely the best template out there,very flexible which makes it quite easy to customize. So far I\'m in love with it and know that there\'s still a lot more that I can do with this template. Support system is top notch like no other(so top notch that sometimes it feels like you\'re chatting with a very helpful family member)@jungxp has been beyond great at guiding me through the whole setup process; much respect to your work ethics. Wishing you all the best in your endeavors.
byeng-mohammedforFlexibility3 years ago
byCHAAOUANforCode Quality3 years ago
bygiorgos1966forCustomer Support3 years ago
bythegladgeforCustomizability3 years ago
byDung DangforCustomizability3 years ago
$hide=mobile không hoạt động trên blog của mình. bạn kiểm tra lại xem còn hoạt động ko?
bynvm.cdtforCustomizability3 years ago
Có thể hổ trợ giúp em fanpage không hiện thị được chứ. Thanks!
bylocnkdforCode Quality3 years ago
Template Blogspot tuyệt vời nhất, mà tôi đã sử dụng Cám ơn bạn rất nhiều
byyasmiraumrahdanforCode Quality3 years ago
Dear, I thnik this template is good template, but facebook fanpage not showing at home area
bysvtuitionforCode Quality3 years ago
Dear, I bough your template. MagOne - Responsive News & Magazine Blogger Template. Every thing is ok. In past, it is showing comment good. But now, it is not showing the comments in the website page. Please tell me way. Here is 15 comments but not showing. https://www.svtuition.org/2012/08/journal-entries-of-tds.html . Thanks
byworldmindblogforCode Quality4 years ago
byallymsangiforFeature Availability5 years ago
byeddilinkforCustomizability5 years ago
No one will understand unless to see live Sneeit Spot after purchasing. I have never seen it before and the most powerful experience ever seen in my web career. My feedback to the developer is that you are the lack in the presentation the Sneeit Spot. To be honest I didn't purchase because of Seeit Spot which I realize after one week of purchase. And make me surprise. The best solution I was looking and concentrating to see 3 ads in the post. And this forum is providing the option (Super).