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Discussions on MagOne – Responsive Magazine Blogger Template

We have 261 Discussions on MagOne – Responsive Magazine Blogger Template

  • Hi.I'm interested in buying it MagOne. There is some video with tutorial for all?

  • hello bro i am try to connect my blog for ad sense can i need change my template

  • Hello, I want to buy. Do you have some discount?

    The license is per site?


  • Hi tiennguyenvan
    can we also logo bigger making?if i 330x150 than see more small

  • i want to buy your theme. Please tell me one thing. after buying this theme if i face problem in applying amp in my site how will u help me?

  • How Can I Disable Facebook And Disqus Comment ?
    Its Not Mentioned In Documentation.

  • Hello
    There is an Option
    Create a new ticket
    title & conetent
    what i need to fill here??

  • yes...But Where is the ticket??

    • Access this link https://sneeit.com/magone-multi-purpose-blogger-magazine-template/?tab=support using the account that you used to purchase MagOne and then create ticket.

      If your account has no purchase information then you can't submit any ticket. You should link your account with Envato Account to have permission to access our support forum. Thanks.

  • HIi Sneeit
    I bought today this blog
    but im so confused about
    where is ticket that you are saying to submit
    (im commenting from another sneeit_account )


  • hey tien,
    i wanted so much for this template but i have information from another website get free for your template (Pirated) . can u give reason what offer will you give for this template whats features what id get ?
    sorry for bad language 🙏🏻

    best regards,

  • Hello
    This is the best blogger template i've seen ever,
    I want to buy Magone blogger template.

  • Premium content doesn’t open after sharing please help

  • Hi tien, I have a question! do you offer theme installationservice end setting?

    • Hello,

      We have Blogger template installation service here: https://sneeit.com/blogger-template-installation-service/
      About the customization, it's depending on your details. You can send details into our form here: https://sneeit.com/contact/

      Thank you.

  • I just one Envato account, so I'm very sure

  • I buy MagOne from Envat , and I access input Envato API to login sneeit.com, but appeared I have no any license. How should I do?

    below is my Item Purchase Code:

  • nayarambha-0

    this is not worked mobile

  • howtoarpit-0

    Is spot setting install by android

  • You are complaining about a pirated version? So don't use pirated version from thieves and then going to our website to complain, that's so rude and unacceptable. We will give this comment 24h before suspending your account from our website because of using pirated template. We will report any website that are using pirated template. Regards.

  • Sticky sidebar has bug. If sidebar is shorter than main contents, then work perfect, but if sidebar is longer then contents, then they not so sticky anymore.

  • I wanted to know one thing I noticed the eframe contains the name magone please would have remove it if I bought the license soon I have the right to make these modifications right ??

  • msvm-anurag-india

    I just want a different style menu hover and footer attribution. Can that will be possible?

  • Everything is fine and ok, but It's should add a full-width header and footer option.

  • If I buy this theme and apply AMP on every post then will google console show any warning or errors if I use ads? Pls tell me about this. Thank you

  • Hi I want to ask some questions. I want to buy your template. But tell me one thing. Are you going to publish any templates soon which can be better than this? And I am little concerned about the loading time. How can I increase it? If I buy this template will you help me to get a reasonable loading time? Thank you.

    • Hello. I have no plan for new template in this year. MagOne is focusing on experience more than the scores of speed. We will not provide service for personal demand, but will guarantee support for exist features of template. Thanks.

  • Hi Tien,

    You have designed an excellent Theme & I am planning to purchase it. I have one query, Can you provide a script through which only particular highlighted text from a blog can be shared to facebook or twitter or WhatsApp? Or Can you create such a script? Please let me know.

    Thank You.

  • my blog comments don't appear

  • I want to buy this template but I have checked your demo blog ie "www.magonedemo.blogspot.com" speed of this theme is very slow and it's under red warning, tested by Google webmaster page speed.
    Can you please tell the reason behind slow loading of this template.

    • Hello. MagOne is a complex template which is AJAX based so it will need to load many JavaScript content from Blogger server and those will make the speed score seem low. So at this time, we don't focus on the score but only the USER EXPERIENCE where users feel the site load and work fast in real, not on a tool. Thank you.

  • I am interested in the template, for the license can it be used by more than one blog, is it just one blog

  • Hi tiennguyenvan. I would like to ask presale questions: I read that I can buy regular and extended license. I would like to modified your theme on my one only site meaning:

    * To costumize I normaly use demo site. I read that I need to activate spot settings and put demo site and after I may ask again to replace the domain name for real account. It's that right?
    * remove all widget and sidebar from landing front page (which is possible and as I read from support accesible and provided by spot settings).
    * add two and three, columns widgets on front page with images and texts.

    Do I need paid regular or extended license fro this changes?

    Thanks Very much for your kind answer.


  • HELLO, Sneeit is not working in my Chrome even after refreshing it. can you identify what is the issue?

  • Dear Tien;
    I believe that MagOne is a very complete template, but I wonder if you are cooking a new one since MagOne has 3 years? Could you tell me how long I should expect for the new one? I have Flat news, MagOne is great, but the new one should be superb.

    Another question. How long It's possible to receive updates, Should I pay for the support, or are they included with the license?

    Best regards,


    • Yes, I had an idea for a new one which is BLOCK BASED, it's mean you can create any template with that one. But it is still an idea and I am not starting cooking soon.

      The license include LIFE-TIME update and 6 months support, btw.

  • Dear Tien,why is so hard to request U a servixce ?? I havent this theme but I want to buy as condition you clean code and get best PSI ( page speed insight ) If U after of buy the theme,u tell me that u cant to get a best PSI, I did pull all my money. Do u understanding ?

    • Sorry, we not provide support service for trial (actually PIRATED template).

      Just find other authors out there, may be they will provide that kind of service.

      This is our last respond for this, so hope you understand and not waste time of you and our. Another support request comment for pirated template will lead to account suspend. Thanks.

      • pirated ????????? I found ur theme using google, your theme is in jojo , and that blog has only all your themes.mmm. . Anyway now I know you dont have a service to re design your own themes, only ur service is for installation. sorry and congrats about designs, ; I want not to use a pirated theme..ok ? .I can pay u 75 dollars if u develop a theme for me ( at least 80/80)., sorry but Im not want to be forced to buy a theme without confirmation you can do get best PSI.. Im on internet developing content before you born...( 1999 )I have 51 YO. have a nice weekend

        • We will design a custom theme for you if you can pay more than $10'000. Why that price? Because that's average earning we can make for each theme we publish on ThemeForest.
          We have no reason to create a theme with cheap price when we can earn a lot with same effort on ThemeForest.

          Jojo is a website of pirated items. You are using pirated theme which may have hacked script to stole your traffic, information or just affect SEO of your site. We not recommend that.
          If you are still using pirated theme, so please don't continue commenting on our site or we have to block you out of our site and you will never reach any our service and new theme. Thank you.

  • hey Tien congrats about you themes. U have a great talent

    I like this theme, so I would like to change somethings, The page speed isnt good, and I would like to get a good speed, at least for mobile. How much money is ur service to modify somethings on this theme ? I dont need have a blog multi design, occupping many kb of code , I need only one design , for example MAGAZinE option, and I dont need use the others that includes in ur theme. So I think I can save many time in this way.

    I got 82 PSI wth magone but excluding the widgets and only an index homepage with post list option ( only titles, without images and snippets). and mobile 63 PSI, and this is key to get success on internet, the responsive is key to have a good design and good perfomance in google

    Also I think you can create as challenge, another next theme with at least speed 80 and 80 PSI ( mobil and website ) ,,

    thanks !!!

    • Hello. Thanks for commenting. We not provide support service by comments. Please submit ticket to support forum. Thank you.

      • Tien I agree submit ticket but to receive your answer you are forcing me first to buy the theme .. I am using a trial version to test the theme, if I buy it now have no sense. If I see that you can do what I need, I will buy your template magone and others. first . I have always bought templates because I have different projects, and second because they are 23 dollars, and not only 10 dollars, as is usual about themes. Imagine if I had to buy the templates first to have an answer from the designer, I tried 10 different this week, I would have to sell my car.

        If I had no real interest, I would not be here, logging in, and writing in another language.

        Do you have an email to take content? thank you very much for your assistance

  • Hi, Really i'm so happy, Finaly now, i found a pro blogger template, but if you can add a big responsive botton "NEXT BACK" not 1, 2, 3 just to increase the CTR% of AdSense, and reload the page with you click to the next page
    Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Hi, I try to edit the menu and also Auto Height Logo and Top Bar Header Layout but not succed. Can you explain me please ? Thanks

Support ticket please send to Support Forum. We will reject all support requests by comments.