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Discussions on MagOne – Responsive Magazine Blogger Template

We have 322 Discussions on MagOne – Responsive Magazine Blogger Template

  • khushipfs-0

    Before purchase

    This template looks great, lovely footer design but I have question about ads

    Hi Khushi M here I read all documentation page but not sure that this template has good ads system like (places of ads) or responsive or (before post or after header)

    Thanks :)

  • avdgraphics-0

    how to add new menu itemsas i have deleted some of them and now want to add some new.

  • amanda-bike


    I have a problem with the header, when I click on the menu it does not open and also when I click the search button the search box does not appear.

    All of these problems only appear when I open a topic and do not appear on the blog's home page.

  • This gonna be a good template if it will get an update. Blogspot now uploads images on googleusercontent.com instead of bp.blogspot.com, and probably this theme might have an issue with this just like other third-party templates. Willing to buy this template if the author updates it.

  • hebahebahh-0-1

    I use the free version of one of the blogs, and if I have the money, I will not hesitate to buy the premium version as soon as I get the money. I will pay and buy the premium.. I do not use the template now, I just tried it and found these problems.. I hope to acquire the template soon when I get the money to pay. Thanks - awesome work

  • hebahebahh-0

    A wonderful and distinctive template, with some updates and bug fixes, it will always be the best in the world
    The image shows the following: https://i.ibb.co/vq8Dfm9/asdasda.jpg
    - Blogger's modern comment box, very handy I can help with that.
    - amp problems in the template has bugs.
    - You can speed up the template better by assigning unused JavaScript codes such as customizing JavaScript for publication pages - and for the home page - Example:
    b-if cond= data:view.isSingleItem.... ....b:if
    b-if cond=no data:view.isSingleItem.... ....b:if
    It is sad that a template is so creative and beautiful and is not updated and corrected for its programming errors.

    • But people should support the author by purchasing the template instead of using pirate versions. It's ridiculous when using free version but continue requesting premium update.

      BTW, the AMP is not error. It's just that you don't know how to apply.

  • hebahebahh

    A really great model, but it needs some important developments, for example, to make it integrated and the best in the world, as follows:
    1- Customizing the display of tools on specific pages, as well as in posts with a specific category, for example (show=/page/FASHION$) - (show=/post/label/FASHION$)
    2- An update added by developers to blogger blogs regarding increasing interaction
    - (Lock content until a comment is added) [lock-for-comment]
    - Auto Replies in Blogger - See the two pictures This is an amazing script.
    3- Dark mode.
    4- Update blogger widgets to show or hide widgets from within settings (layout)
    5- Adding the shopping cart and paying (the buying and selling feature to the form)
    6- Update the Blogger comments box to the latest version.

  • mistikmedia

    thank you for super fast reply, could you send one of your customers valid amp link?

  • mistikmedia

    Need your templates amp version could not validate demo version for AMP

    • I have no AMP demo now because I would like to show the responsive demo for the mobile devices. But many websites of my customers applied AMP successfully.

  • chiasefree-0-1

    E không có mua theme này của a , e báo lỗi để a fix thui ạ

  • chiasefree-0-1

    Phần tag lables khi dùng domain thì nó k hiện số lable lên

  • chiasefree-0

    How show Three Grid on blogger

  • ricardofontesmoro

    Hello, how is everything? Would you like to know if you can increase the number of posts that appear by category? There are currently 6 posts I wanted to increase this number.

  • Thank you. Now I am waiting for the next update...

  • I want to purchase your "MagOne" Blogger theme. But for some reason, I am not satisfied with your theme. But that's not your theme problem. It’s my personal problem, which is why I can’t be satisfied.

    Most of the articles in my post are too long. Due to which 6 to 7 Adsense ads can be used in my post normally. But there are only 3 ads in the inner section of your blog theme.

    If you can add two more new ad spaces to the blog's theme post section (Inner Post ads 3 and Inner Post ads 4), I'll buy your theme. I'm willing to pay you an extra $5 for this job if you want.

    Thanks in advance. I am waiting for your answer...

  • I have tried with different card in paypal but i can't make payment please add upi payment method..... or another payment method

    • OK, so please try to checkout with ThemeForest here: https://themeforest.net/checkout/71907630/create_account?_ga=2.169406376.862223050.1609303293-1972105843.1609303293
      If you can't so I have no other ways for payment at this time. Thanks for contacting.

  • Paypal also showing this eror Sorry, your bank wasn't able to verify your MASTERCARD x-6665 at this time. Please choose another way to pay

    • We support only PayPal at this time, if your card can not work with PayPal, we have no other way for the payment.
      You can try to pay on ThemeForest at: https://themeforest.net/item/magone-responsive-news-magazine-blogger-template/12016203
      they support Skrill also.

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