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How to Increase Your Email List Through Backlinks to Unlock New Possibilities

Backlinks can assist grow email lists effectively to promote businesses and produce early organic traffic if we use appropriate methods.

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Google’s algorithm has evolved over time to provide online searchers with more customized results. In reaction to updates, digital marketers constantly change their ranking strategies. Despite all changes, backlinks are still an important ranking component.

Without a question, backlinks will continue to have a substantial yet quantitative impact on ranking. Links on reputable websites can lead to new contacts and opportunities.

One such opportunity is the effectiveness of growing your mailing list when it is still young. Backlinks can assist promote your business and produce early organic traffic when applied appropriately. In this article, we will show you how to use it to draw more people to your website and grow your email list.

However, first…

Making and Growing Your Email List

When it comes to email marketing, building your list is the beginning — and most crucial — step in contacting your audience. In the marketing industry, we constantly emphasize consumer involvement and the production of high-quality content.

Because of this, the quality of the content in your emails will be meaningless, engagement will automatically be zero, and your conversions will also fade if no one reads them.

The aim of email marketing is to build and maintain relationships with customers, prospects, and contacts. A strong email list is also loaded with contacts that were spontaneously added (do not even think of buying them!).

A purchased email list is a cheap trick that rarely succeeds. Keep in mind that you want a loyal following. If your subscribers have not proactively opted to get your messages and signaled that they plan to enroll, you will encounter deliverability problems regardless of how frequently you buy email addresses, while those who do will presumably not convert in any meaningful way.

Numerous paid email lists contain so-called ‘spam traps’, or fictitious email addresses, which might actually lead your IP to be flagged as spam. This is a shortcut that will not help you accomplish your objectives and will ultimately harm your email marketing operations.

So how can you build a solid list that will grow organically as you feed it? Here are our top tips for you!

Give People a Way to Subscribe

One of the best ways to increase the number of email subscribers is to use web forms with opt-in options. Once configured, they are hands-off on the business side because they are automatic. On the part of consumers, they are manual, allowing you to add the essential checks to make sure there is no risk of violating laws like the GDPR.

Embedded and pop-up and webpages are the two main types of websites. A pop-up is exactly what it implies: a brief window that appears on the user’s screen after they land on a specific page. In contrast, an embedded form is a static request that is integrated into the website to request resources, register for email communications, or provide user information.

You have undoubtedly come across pop-up adverts when shopping online, as well as forms that are embedded in headers and footers and on specialized landing pages (more on that in a bit).

Although it is excellent if you can provide more opt-in options, there are other ways to boost your enrollment rates. If you run an online business, your pop-up might offer subscribers a discount. If your business belongs to the hospitality industry, you might offer a lead generator like registration for a webinar or perhaps a free educational item that can be downloaded.

Building Landing Pages

Let’s focus on forms as we return to one of the ways to get subscriptions. These forms serve as the gatekeepers for some helpful content, including how-to guides, e-books, whitepapers, case analyses, and reports, and they are located on landing pages. Create a landing page using one of the top-rated membership platforms – among which are those that are website builders entirely free to use. Then, point visitors in your target market to the landing page so they can input their names and email addresses on a form to receive the asset. Utilize online outreach to promote the content using LinkedIn in-content marketing or Google Ads.

There are two ways you can use this program to increase the number of people on your contact list. A checkbox or a line stating that by supplying the information, the user agrees to be added to your mailing list can be added so that individuals filling out the form can choose whether or not to do so. Make sure they are able to opt-out at any given time in both scenarios and make the phrasing on the form plain and obvious so they do not feel pressured into getting your emails.

When developing your questionnaires, forms if you like, bear GDPR compliance in sight. A collection of practices in terms of the GDPR safeguards the privacy and personal information of residents of the European Union (EU). Even if your business is headquartered outside of the EU, you must adhere to GDPR compliance because you never know who among your followers may be an EU citizen. You must obtain consent before employing any data processing methods, including email marketing, in order to be in compliance with GDPR. This entails making it simple for a subscriber to opt-out if they so want and providing an opt-out choice or disclaimer before actually registering an email account to your listing.

Understand Your Target Market

During the time you are gathering information, start thinking about who you should call. Analyzing your website’s statistics will show you how users are responding to your content. What do individuals dwell on or come back to often?

Also, look at your buyer personas. What among the different CRM categories you have created is most probably to be appealing? Does it seem like disparities in people’s interests are influenced by their location, gender, or other factors? Consider structuring your initial phrases to draw attention to the similarities between these characters.

The more you comprehend your demographic and the kind of information they are interested in, the easier it will be to create an email promotion that meets their wants.

Produce Useful Content

Make doubly sure the readers’ lives are improved by your writing. People have little tolerance for emails that provide them nothing since their inboxes are packed and their time is limited. Whichever your sector, discover the go-to resources for your audiences or develop some fresh ones.

Superior content development goes beyond the emails you distribute. Regular blog entries, gated educational resources like webinars and whitepapers, sharing films, and more should all be a part of your ideal content strategy. Each component of such content marketing can raise brand awareness and establish you as a thought leader in your field.

In addition to making your current members and clients happy, this new bonus will also boost their likelihood of recommending your content to their contacts, which should lead to a rise in signups.

Organize Webinars

You can considerably expand the volume of your email list by using webinars as a venue to demonstrate your thought leadership skills and acquire access to a targeted market of new email subscribers. This is even more true should you co-organize it with another business. Select a brand that has a similar target market as your own, and then you will both benefit from the additional exposure.

If you wish to use the webinar as a list-building tactic, the audience must register by providing their contact information. After the webinar, add the registrants to your email marketing record and send them an email with further valuable content. Like you would with the other controlled content, be sure to prominently and clearly point out that providing contact information indicates consent to receive emails and that opt-out requests can be done at any time.

You can see a boost in overall conversions from visitors to subscriber base if you hold a prize for attendees as an incentive for consumers to create an account for your webinar.

Your Website’s Backlinks

The ability to utilize your emails to drive back to your website is another benefit of generating good content. Emails are a terrific way to attract subscribers to return to your home base, whether it is a link to a specific item or subcategory at the conclusion of entertaining crafting how-to infographics or a “Read more” CTA after a fascinating preview of your most recent blog post.

You ‘push’ your following base to identify with your business in as many various ways as you can by allowing your website, social networking platforms, emails, as well as other outreach tactics to any of those feeding off of one another. They will be content to do it as long as you continue to add value.

For this reason, we placed this specific piece of advice on building a solid email list last on our list about backlinking. We will use it as a lead-in before moving on to backlinks as a distinct technique for growing your mailing list.

How Do Backlinks Work?

Backlinks sometimes referred to as incoming links or inbound links, are URLs that direct visitors to your website from other websites.

For SEO, backlinks are essential. They are viewed by search engines like Bing and Google as a ‘seal of approval’ between two websites. They affect online ranking and serve as a gauge of user trust and popularity for your website.

In link construction, both quantity and quality are important. The key to link building is finding the sweet spot. Aim to balance the number of high-quality backlinks with the number of low-quality ones. The ideal situation is to develop lots of high-quality links.

High-Quality Backlinks’ Characteristics

The following are characteristics of high-quality backlinks:

  • Relevance: A backlink is pertinent if the linking website or page covers a related subject or industry. For instance, if a digital advertising firm receives two backlinks from Business Insider and a website selling pet supplies, the former is more useful because of its relevance.
  • Authoritativeness: An authoritative backlink is one that originates from a webpage on a website that is at the top of its field. These are websites that receive a lot of traffic, have high domain authorities (DA), and perform highly in search engine results pages.
  • Uniqueness: A backlink that is unique originates from a website that only mentions you and does not link to rival websites.
  • Naturalness: A backlink is considered organic if the referring page has a proportionately large quantity of links, the anchor is not spammy or commercial, and the link itself is not sponsored.

Advantages of High-Quality Links

You gain SEO advantages when you create backlinks that exhibit various characteristics, such as:

  • Improved ranking: Google treats backlinks as upvotes, which helps your ranking. Your website is more likely to be ranked for relevant keywords the more backlinks you provide over your rival; 3.8 x more backlinks are present on websites that outperform rivals.
  • Discoverability: It is widely held that Google visits established websites more frequently than it does brand-new ones meaning that there is a probability Google crawlers will discover your domain if it has a backlink coming from at least among the more reliable domains.

Obtaining Backlinks

Although backlinks’ advantages (vegetables) are simple to extract, building new backlinks (planting seeds) is the most challenging SEO operation. In such a manner that link building makes 65% of content strategists nervous. But if you are just getting started, do not worry. Here are some strategies for creating backlinks:

Exploit Partnerships

Are you driving a lot of traffic to a well-known website by linking it? It is likely that the administrator of that website values the backlink you have supplied and may consider returning the favor.

Look at the websites that are most frequently used to link to you—those that have previously given you backlinks. Look at the backlinks to see what material they pointed to. Contact the website’s owner and offer any additional pertinent content on your website that they would want to link to, as well as suggestions for fresh content.

The websites are probably familiar with the caliber of content you publish because they have previously linked to your website. They are likely to support the concept of sharing content, which could pave the way for future collaborations.

Create Original Content

Publishing original content might bring you high-quality backlinks if you are a recognized authority in your niche. For instance, if you are an authority on remote work, you may write a blog article discussing the latest developments. Journalists and bloggers that work remotely will use that blog to source expert quotes if the content seems newsworthy.

As an alternative, you may publish material in an untapped market. For instance, look for a popular area where there is not much research or reports available. Select relevant facts and data, and then add original and captivating stories to them.

When you submit the statistics post, there is a good chance that websites will cite it as the original source, giving you backlinks.

Take Back Unlinked Mentions

Even though unlinked remarks are a fantastic source of backlinks, just 5.6% of plans include them. Brands that value brand mentions will succeed greatly.

Discover unrelated mentions by using social listening techniques. Ask the writers of these social media postings to link back to your web pages by getting in touch with them. Tell them that by including a link in the post, everyone wins. They benefit by improving the experience for their readers, and your website benefits by gaining an important backlink.

Add Your Own Expert Quotes

You can serve as a trustworthy source for bloggers and journalists if you are an authority on the issue. Supplying expert quotations is one of the most powerful link-building strategies, according to over 6% of link-building specialists. You will receive a hyperlink for each expert quotation you submit.

Help a B2B Writer and HARO are two websites where bloggers and journalists can request expert quotes. Visit these sites and reply to inquiries that fall within your expertise and area of interest.

Make Contacts with Niche Bloggers

This is a further excellent method of backlink building. What makes it so productive? Developing genuine relationships with people—not just websites—is the key to building backlinks.

Dedicated fans have gathered around the blogs of niche bloggers. Make contacts with these bloggers and offer to contribute to their blogs, appear on their webinar or podcast, or send a request for a funded guest post. You will receive a high-quality backlink for your contribution if they say yes to your offer.

How to Expand Your Email List Using Backlinks?

According to 22.5% of SEO specialists, a rise in overall traffic is the best sign that their link-building techniques are working.

Your chance to build your email subscriber base is when your traffic increases. How can you accomplish that? There are numerous approaches, such as:

  • Design your landing pages with bold headlines, straightforward language, and persuading subheads, and in order to persuade website site visitors to sign up for updates add a call to action (CTA). 
  • Add pop-up forms by including them on the most popular web pages. You can program the form to appear when a reader enters a page, scrolls to a specific spot, or indicates an intention to leave the page.
  • Add forms for signing up for newsletters: At the bottom of each blog article, add a straightforward form with the words “sign up/subscribe for our eNewsletter”.
  • To link to a blog, check that the blog content is optimized. Your high-priority core pages or blog entries are most likely the ones that are linked to your website from other websites. Place forms on these pages to ensure that they are designed to encourage users to subscribe to your email list. Make sure to give a way for consumers to subscribe to your email marketing when including CTAs to download content like whitepapers or guides.

Final Thoughts

To build, execute, and administer these efficient opt-in website forms, you will require trustworthy software. Check out the lead generation features they provide when you choose one to assist you in completing the task. We are sure they have some free plans to join them too.

In general, email marketing is just a small component of your total sales funnel, but it’s an important one. A strong list that keeps growing is the cornerstone to email marketing triumph. With the help of these suggestions, you can create an organic database that complies with regulations and improves conversion rates.

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