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6 Important Factors for Building Quality Backlinks

In this article, we you learn about what is a quality backlink, where to build backlinks to achieve the highest efficiency, and all factors

In this article, we you learn about what is a quality backlink, where to build backlinks to achieve the highest efficiency, and all factors that can help you getting a lot of quality backlinks for your site.

Factor #1: Backlinks from reputable and famous sites

The first factor that we must know in order to determine a quality backlink is that your backlinks are linked from reputable and famous sites. For example if you have a few backlinks from SmashingMagazine, TheVerge or TheNextWeb, that means those backlinks are very high quality.

Why? Because Google is always aware that the content or outbound links from from those such websites are extremely quality, those sites have a very long period of publishing time and achieved high rankings on popular keywords.

Also, for each site, we have two indexes which are called Page Authority and Domain Authority to measure the quality of the site. Higher Page Authority and Domain Authority index value means higher be trusted by Google. If your backlinks appear on those sites like that, they are also very good in quality. You can use Moonsy Page Authority to check those indexes.

Factor #2: Backlinks from high PR pages

PageRank (PR) has always been a benchmark for evaluating each website’s ranking on search engines which is indicated by Google. A website with higher PR will be priority showed on the higher position in search result than lower or none PR sites.

From 2012, PR is no longer so important as it used to, but overall it is still a standard for assessing the quality of a website and a high PR website still has a slight advantage.

Have many opinions consider that backlinks from high PR website are not really quality like widely rumored, but as my personal experience (and tests), I think backlinks which are placed on high PR websites are always good quality, of course, they must have a relevant content which the website that you putted your links.

That is why, if you place your links on unrelated PR 5-7 websites (have some cheap services do that) or trying to create as many new N/A PR websites and building links with them, it’s total waste of time or Google just don’t care about your links.

Factor #3: Backlinks from the same content pages

This factor has always been mentioned in the basic SEO tutorials. If you do not have the ability to create backlinks from high Page Rank or Page Authority websites, your most effective now is creating backlinks on the website with the same content. Those pages of course not need to have high ranking.

For example if you have a blog about WordPress or SEO tricks, you can build backlinks from a website about blogging or marketing tips. Or if you are a guest blogger for some websites, you’ll have right to insert your backlink in your guest article. That would be quality backlinks because the guest site and your site have the same content. That will help Google appreciate your backlinks to improve site ranking.

But do not worry if you created backlinks from low PR and a none relevant websites, because if those sites are not in Google’s blacklist, this thing is not too serious, and you can build links normally. But it’s good for you for building links on relevant website if you are investing a big SEO campaign for your business.

Factor #4: Type of website

6 Important Factors for Building Quality Backlinks Google Bots

Many web masters recommend us about building backlinks method by submitting articles to some famous article directories like EZineArticle or Social Bookmarking . Overall, this is an easier way to implement and not too dependent on the quality of website content. But in fact, Google does not appreciate the backlinks from sites like those. Google is intelligent enough to understand that articles from those directories are only for spasming backlink purposes only (includes the forum, comment or Wiki pages with low PR).

Thus, the best website types to get quality backlinks is blog, journalism, education or other similar sites which have high reliability. Of course, it’s not easy to get the backlink on those websites, but in return, you will get worthy results for what you spent.

Factor #5: Blacklink Placements

I think you’ve seen some cheap backlink services tell about building links on high PR websites, and the backlinks can be put into a few common positions such as footer, header, sidebar of the websites. So the backlink is placed in these areas is quality or not?

I can say: NO. The least effective backlink placement must mention footer. For search engine bots indexing a page, they will start from top to bottom and when someone searches on Google content, the content is set on the top of website will always be preferred.

So, we can understand that if your backlinks are in sidebar or header, they will be more effective than putting in footer. But, in almost cases, no body places backlink in header (never), so the best solution for us is using Contextual Backlinks.

Contextual Backlinks mean actively inserting links into a certain article with related content and change anchor text to match with the content. On the other hand, if your backlink is placed in the first line of the article, that means you have a very perfect position for backlinks.

Factor #6: Number of backlinks

Google will not like (actually, very hate) the content which has too many outbound backlinks , it’s like you’re playing maze game with search engines bots to “lured” them into a backlink forest. This is totally spam. So please restrict insert multiple backlinks into an article, just insert the relevant links, avoid inserting the links of unknown purpose (tags, category).

Also restrict placing backlinks which only pointing to homepage, you should only make your backlinks targets to your article pages with relevant content only, or your site will go to Google sandbox and stay there forever.


Remember that in a few isolated cases, the excessive backlink building strategy will make your website be listed in Google spam box and you will get a low ranking on search results or “disappeared” forever from there. So, when building backlinks, we need to consider and avoid make it too fast. Hope my experience will help your blog growing bigger, and welcome all suggestions.

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