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10+ Blogger Tips from Sneeit

15 Free Tips and Tutorials for Blogger / Blogspot websites. Useful for all publishers, web owners and developers.

Create a Blogspot / Blogger Site Map Page Using Dynamic View

We will use Dynamic View feature of Blogger to make a beautiful site map page for Blogger / BlogSpot Websites ... READ MORE

Using Blogger / Blogspot Image URL Structure Parameters

To day, I am honor to introduce to all Blogger template developers about the best way to crop and resize your Blogger / Blogspot images ... READ MORE

Completely Hiding Blogger Widgets from Certain Pages

I searched some tips around on the internet for hiding / removing widgets by using CSS, jQuery or using Blogger condition tags to hide the ... READ MORE

Blogger Quote Image System

Any Image widget with parameter $quot=author_of_quote in title will become a Quote widget if your template was integrated Blogger ... READ MORE

Simple Blogger Social Icons System

Any Link List widget with $type=social_icons in title will become Social Icon list if your template was integrated Blogger Social Icons ... READ MORE

Blogger Underscore Menu System

Pages or Link List widget with $type=menu in title will become menu navigation if your template was integrated Underscore Menu System of ... READ MORE

Floating Contact Form for Blogger Blogspot

If you don’t want to create static page to insert contact form for Blogger as my tip, or also don’t want to place it at right ... READ MORE

Contact Form for Blogger Static Page with jQuery

As you know, I posted a tip: Contact form for Blogger on static page with css before, and now, I will show you how to do that tip with ... READ MORE

Right way to embedded direct javascript code to Blogger template

I just usually forgot how to embedded javascript code to my Blogger templates. So I just want to share with you as a short quote and also ... READ MORE

Contact Form for Blogger on Static Page with CSS only

We knew, Google released Contact Form for Blogger last week. And I received many requests to make a contact form for Blogger on Static page ... READ MORE