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Rename Labels in Blogger / Blogspot

Blogger has no features to allow users renaming labels or categories easily. However, we have a way to do that.

Rename Labels in Blogger / Blogspot Feature Image

There are two steps to rename a label for a website on Blogger / Blogspot platform.

Step 1: listing

In this step, you need to list all posts of the label that you want to rename.

  1. access Posts in your dashboard
  2. Click label icon on the top right corner of your page, next to the MANAGE button.
  3. Input the name of the label that you want to rename into “Separate labels by commas” field
  4. Click APPLY button.

Rename Blogger Labels - Listing

Step 2: renaming

In this step, you need to input the new label and remove the old label from the posts that you listed above.

  1. Click MANAGE button and some new elements will appear
  2. Opt-in the “Select All Posts” check box at the top left corner of your page
  3. Then click “Apply labels to selected posts” icon, next to the trash icon
  4. Input the new label name into “Add a label” field
  5. Opt-in the first checkbox (Create new) to allow creating the new label
  6. Opt-out the checkbox of the old label to allow deleting it
  7. Click APPLY button to finish

Rename Blogger Label - Renaming

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