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6 Content Ideas for Building Natural Backlinks

As my experience, even Google updated their algorithms carefully and unfamiliar, but the “truth” of two factors help you

As my experience, even Google updated their algorithms carefully and unfamiliar, but the “truth” of two factors help you getting highest rank on the search results rapidly have not changed, they are “good content and quality backlinks”.

Focus on building good content is now also very important and appreciated by Google. Also, the building backlink campaigns are now very high risk, but if you don’t care about backlinks for your site, that is flawed. Only backlinks can help you survive long on the top of search results.

So how writing good content and also generating many valuable backlinks is our goal. A good content can help you get a lot of natural backlinks is something that everyone knows already. But the biggest problem is to select what content to write for getting the most quality backlinks.

In this article I will share with you some personal experience of writing content to build passive backlinks (natural backlinks).The benefit of this method is helping you getting quality backlinks completely passive and long, difficult (or impossible) to be punished by Google.

1. Detail or Unique Articles

We must understand that if you want to be pointed links by someone to your posts, you must make them thinking that your articles contains many rewarding valuable information that they would recommend to others. At least, your posts could also solve a hard problem because no one will link back to a post like many other articles on the Internet.

Writing these kinds of article is not not difficult, you just need to invest much time into refining and finding relevant information and then transform those information into a coherent article.

2. Photos Post or Infographic

There are two very simple reasons why the posts contain images will be shared at most:

  • You’ll spend a lot of effort if you want to store and edit photos of the original post.
  • If the photo is Infographic, then even more people want to link back to original post, simply bacause that image will take a lot of host bandwidth if you store on your hosting. And if you upload to a free online photo service, the image will have not a standard size and color, or have no long age.

And one more, there is one external ability that only Infographic has, that is visualization. Just with a picture you can convey a lot of messages to readers and they can understand it easily.

3. Giveaway

Do you think that small gift programs or big prize giveaway will help you building more backlinks? Of course, yes. And better if you ask to share your post to get the prize. However, the link quality of this method may not be good.

But if you need a large amount of backlink or traffic to your initial website / blog, you can use this way. This method is useful, but remember to avoid taking gifts from another website then use for your own.

4. Reply to a question which is interested by many people

This is an extremely simple idea. Not only help you attract a lot of traffic, but also getting more shares. So many quality backlinks are created from this is not surprising. But because it’s easy so the level of competition here is very high, you must be the fastest person.

The way to find those questions is not difficult, you just take the time (few hours each day) to wander around all social networks or read newspaper each day, you will get some awesome ideas.

5. Building backlinks by “Viral” campaign

“Viral” not only be used in Marketing field, you can also apply to build good backlinks. Unlike Viral Marketing which need multiple views or shares on social networks, with Viral Backlinks here, we will need the backlinks on other websites.

You can make a functional widget has something fascinating to other web-masters can embed in their site, or you can write a plugin or theme to share for free (remember placing your credit links in the footer of them).

6. Use videos to build backlink

In some cases, this idea will not help you having more backlinks, because people tend to share your video links than sharing your post which is embedding the video. But if you are using Youtube, just insert your website link into video content and also in video description. As my personal experience, video is the best way to spread some thing because its visualization ability.

At this time, I only apply this method in some of my tutorial video and seem it’s effective.



Now, I think you also have some plans for yourself. About doing SEO content, there are many ways and tactics that sometimes my experience not enough to put in this article, but all what I said above were applied and truly effective. Hope you will got big results with those tips, and remember sharing your works in comment section. Thank you.

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