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33 Tips for Building Backlinks Effectively

Building backlinks is probably the most discussed topic in discussions about SEO. Unlike on-page SEO, off-page SEO (build backlinks) has no

Building backlinks is probably the most discussed topic in discussions about SEO. Unlike on-page SEO, off-page SEO (build backlinks) has no any limitation on the applied methods. A backlink building method is effective or not depending on qualifications and the creation of your campaign. Summary, the purpose of building backlink is trying to put your website link on other sites as much as possible, a link with dofollow attribute placed on high PR pages is even more wonderful.

I’ve got many questions around backlink building issues: “How to build backlinks for my blog effectively?”, How to find good website for building dofollow backlinks? How to build backlinks to avoid Google penalty?”.etc… and many similar questions, but my answer is very simple:

Just build backlinks as a natural way, go to where they try to complement content, comments then by the way, link back to your website. No matter what it is dofollow or nofollow, just do not spam.

But why I say no matter what it is dofollow or nofollow?

Dear friends, Google can identify a backlink purchasing behavior by checking your dofollow backlink rate. Of course, those backlink like that will carry two attribute “dofollow and high page rank.” So if you do not want Google sending mail that you are creating an unnatural linking campaign, you should maintain nofollow and dofollow ratio is 50/50.

Next, for many newcomers, don’t try to learn how to find dofollow blog, how to build quality backlinks. Just building backlink as your own way, focus a site and apply your strategy. Gradually you will know how to adjust the method to construct more effective backlinks. That is my honest advice.

But for more easy for you to know what to do to get backlinks, I would like to share with you 33 tips which will help you get both quality and normal backlinks.

33 Tips to Building Backlinks Effectively

1. Create a quality post like my current post by yourself. Generally, people will think an article like this will be very valuable for someone, and it is hard to resist them for sharing or just copy to their website.

2. Create a general tutorial like “10 tricks to find dofollow blogs”. Imagine you are looking to learn about SEO, then you know and understand what is the thing that other people need to find dofollow blog, so you will know what to do.

4. Create a summarize post from popular articles of a certain topic. It is helpful for those who are looking for a particular article with minimum time.

5. Try to write a true “huge” and detail article as much as possible. You will see a few backlinks from other sites pointing to your articles because they copied our post. Of course, don’t forget inserting internal backlinks in your article.

6. Write the topics that you sure many people will understand what you want to convey and get a lot of attention. Such as scandal, satire, .etc..

7. Spend time to Fix typos, punctuation, line breaks. If you write in English it is even more important, nobody want to quote an article with too many spelling mistakes.

8. Submit your articles (100% wrote by yourself, no copy) to the article directory such as EzineArticle, GoArticle, iShare, .etc… This way is very effective, those article sites also has pretty high rank and allow dofollow backlinks.

9. Create your post on the magazines, other online newspapers which have the relevant topic (just the websites that allows posting collaboration). For example, if you have articles about SEO, then sign up WebProNews, or you can search around with Google. Of course, articles must be written by yourself, you did not publish any where including your site.

10. Post to the Press Release pages.

11. Exchange of posts with other bloggers / web-masters and also exchange backlinks to each other. This is another form of guest blogging.

12. Submit website to DMOZ, this way is a little old but still effective.

13. Submit to the premium directory websites. This method is also an old way but still work well.

14. If you have multiple sites, create an index list on each and point links to each other.

15. Post to Social Bookmarking sites like Digg .etc.. This way help many web-masters and other bloggers can find your content and cite if it’s helpful.

16. If you use Facebook, Tumblr, … regularly, you will see plenty Meme be shared each day. Let learn to know what are hot Meme trends and make your own one, then post to Facebook , Tumblr … remember include your link in source link or description fields.

17. If you are a company, please post it on the library website for businesses, organizations and commercialization.

18. Launch an affiliate program. Learn from the other popular marketers, who are sharing the affiliate links each day to know what’s the most effective way.

19. Answer questions on Yahoo Answers, Google Groups, Google Answers and links back to your article but remember your articles must be related to the question.

20. Go to Wikipedia to find articles which has content related to your website, then modify them for adding more detail information, and including a link to your website. If not found any articles like that, write one by yourself.

21. Join the Squisdoo community and writing new article there, and in every article, you can add your backlink in content. If your article useful, no body will be uncomfortable with just a few backlinks in the content.

22. Most forums allow you to insert links in signature. Use this way to insert your website link there and go around to post about 5 articles or 10 replies.

23. Create multiple sub-blogs and link themselves. This way is not recommend (Google will ban your site), but if you not spam, everything will be fine.

24. When blogging, remember linking to other bloggers posts. It’s even better if those bloggers is intimate with you. Because as usual, all professional bloggers will track who is setting backlinks to their site and they will visit your website. Also remind them to put the link to you if your articles are useful.

25. Comment on other blogs. The links in the comments section are perhaps less effective than SEO. But if your comment is valuable, you will get a lot of hits, then your site will be well known by more people and this way will help you have more opportunities to promote more blog widely.

26. Buy backlink at Botw.

27. Try to design your blog so beautiful, more people will pay attention and then post your interface to discuss in their forums.

28. Funding for the contest on other websites with small scale. 100% of them will put backlinks to your website in the article about the contest.

29. Create a gift program or a competition. Many people will notice and share your links to other websites. Spend $100, $200 to do something like that is very worthy and effective than spending money on buying related backlinks or waste on marketing and advertising campaigns.

30. Create a collection of useful online tools. Everybody will see it interesting and useful and then they will share.

31. If you have the ability to design, then design the interfaces theme for the popular platform like WordPress, Joomla, Blogger and do not forget to put “Design by Tien Nguyen” backlink at the bottom footer. Then share it free.

32. Create hot and trending photos. Then write a 300 words in description for the photos and place your website link at the end of each photo.

33. Interview someone who have influent which related quite with your topic, someone will notice and link to your post, especially blogs.


33 Tips for Building Backlinks Effectively Completely List

In this article, I just say the whole theoretical and not write a specific tutorial. But I think nothing new more than just focus writing and posting. Hopefully with this short list, you will have more options in building backlink more effective. If you have any other better ways that you want to share it, put it right in the comments section and it will help a lot others who are exploring backlink building ways. Thanks everyone.

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