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Discussions on WordPress Theme Installation Service

We have 15 Discussions on WordPress Theme Installation Service

  • I think I understand the issue now. Because I have existing content, I can't do a 1 click installation of the theme to look like the demo.

    So how do I update the theme with my existing content? Do you provide a service to do that?

    • Sure, you can use our update service and staff will help you do that. Please make sure backing up your site before you moving on any other step. Thanks.

  • Hi - A web designer I worked with 8 years ago purchased and installed your Flat News theme for me. She did some customization also. I never updated the theme since then. I recently purchased the theme again to get the newest version.

    I tried testing out installing the theme on my staging site and I can't get the theme to look like the demo home page. The home page is just a list of posts.

    Can you install the theme to make it look like your demo homepage but all keep some of the original customization?

    My website is www.road2college.com.

    You can see the staging site here: https://road2collstage.wpengine.com

  • Hello I just purchased the mag theme a few minutes ago. When I try to upload it to wordpress it keeps telling me "The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet." please advise what I need to do. Thank you.

  • Hello,
    I have not used Wordpress in the past For this service, can you tell me the requirements? Would I purchase a wordpress theme on Envato and need anything else for you to install it like the demo? Thank you

    • Yes, you can purchase a WordPress theme from any marketplace (included Envato) and then order this service to make your site similar with the theme demo.

      The requirements to install a theme are:

      -> Domain login info (if your domain did not point to hosting)

      -> Hosting cPanel login info (if Wordpress core was not installed)

      -> FTP or SFTP login info

      -> WordPress login info (if WordPress core was installed)

      -> Theme file (all files & documentation)

      -> Demo name (if you want to install a specific demo)

      -> Logo and favicon image (if you have)

  • Hi Tiennguyenvan I hired you when I buy a template from Envato the template is:
    OnAir2Version: 3.0.5 you install the template for me everything was fine I was happy about your work I customise the site everything was good my friend do something wrong and I lost the main home page I will like to know if you can restore the main home page exactly like the template: http://www.qantumthemes.xyz/onair2/wpdemo/ and I can customise the main home page again. can you tell me how much will cost

    Thank you

    • Hello.

      As I checked in Sneeit site history, we have no any purchase from you. May be you purchased the service from other site like Envato? We have no kind of the service which will restore the site so you have to order the installation service if you want our staff come and restore for you.


  • Hi Tiến. Tao là Duy KDD nè. Dịch vụ này về cơ bản là xây dựng website bằng theme Wordpress với nội dung mẫu hả? Tao đang cần làm 1 website giới thiệu các loại máy móc công nghiệp. Có gì liên hệ trao đổi kỹ hơn nhe. T cũng mới thử ngâm cứu Wordpress nhưng ko chuyên mất time quá. Làm dịch vụ như vầy nhanh và chuyên nghiệp hơn.

  • Hello,

    I recently had someone from Sneeit install a theme for my website. This person's name was tiennguyenvan. However, I mistakenly deleted the profile username that he had on my website (themesdepot). Can I be reconnected to tiennguyenvan, and can he reset up my website? If it requires paying a fee, I will gladly re-pay, no problem. I am losing a lot of money per day this site is down, so if tiennguyenvan is unavailable, can someone else re-setup my site?

    Please and Thank you!

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