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Discussions on Premium Flexible Related Post Widget for Blogger – Blogspot

We have 55 Discussions on Premium Flexible Related Post Widget for Blogger – Blogspot

  • akidulpc

    Not work in Mobile, although i add this html code [mobile='yes'] please solve it..

  • milan-rericha

    5 years and still great add on that works. Is there any chance how to make it show related post from specific timeframe - for example from last two years except all history? Thanks.

  • murray-tfe-0-1

    Ok, thanks for the information, appreciate your feedback and help 👏🏻👍🏻

  • murray-tfe-0

    Hi, thanks for the quick reply.

    Perhaps I didn't explain myself properly. On blogger you can either see individual posts or various posts one after another.

    I can only get the code to works if there is just one indvidual post. If there are more posts on the page, the code doesn't work. Maybe if I give you a link to some examples it might explain better.

    For example, the following link is to an individual blog post. Here the bRelated code works perfectly and five related posts appear at the foot of the page.


    On this second example, the link is to my main blog page. In this instance, no related posts appear at the foot of the page.

    I tried changing the default value to show just 1 post, but unfortunately I still can't see any related posts.

    Thanks again for this tool and hope there is a solution. Regards, John

    • Related posts are support to work on individual posts, not on index pages (main page, label pages, search pages, ...).

      For those pages, I recommend you using random posts or recent posts instead.

  • murray-tfe

    Hi, I installed the code and it works really well on individual posts.

    However, if there are more than one post, it does not show up.

    Is there any way it can be adapted to show at the end of multiple posts on blogger ?

    Thanks for any input, John

    • I don't really understand your idea. The related posts are all about articles that related to the CURRENT article. The widget must have a thing to related to.

  • manolissfakianakis


  • It cannot be available in mobile, how to fix it?

  • When I install this plugin/widget, it makes all of my Popular Post images on my sidebar be their huge, original sizes, instead of being thumbnails themselves. I can't seem to figure out why. Please help!


  • hi,
    Thank you for the widget. Is it possible to put the images in square shape?
    Have a look at my web: https://peroleando.blogspot.com/2019/02/rabo-de-ternera-guisado.html

    • Hello.

      You can increase thumbnail height in widget option as you want.

      • I changed "Thumbnail Height Reset. Height of thumbnail image of posts. Width is always 100%" and I written 50, but It doesn't work. Can I changed it from blogger?

        • You need to remove the old widget, change settings from this page and add again. As I checked, your thumbnail height parameter is still 100.

          • hi again, It didn't work but I changed the Number of posts will be loaded, 5 instead of 3 and I like it. With my horizontal pictures it looks great but with my vertical pictures The thumbnail cuts the image.

  • sir this method is working on my blog, but showing very huge text for post title, i am finding difficulties to change it please guide me

  • So sorry to bother, but I think Blogger have make some modification, 3 days ago it work perfectly on my blog, but today when I check again it is no longer work.

  • Please it is not appearing on my blog it is only the title that show

  • Tien Nguyen

    Just follow the above tutorial.

  • Dindin Ahmad Q

    How to add this related post to easynews template?

  • Lucky

    Tien Nguyen Bro how to add Related post links inside blogger post like MAGONE Theme has.

  • D Volatility

    thank you

  • Tien Nguyen

    Your site have a Javascript error from the code: https://cdn.nmcdn.us/js/connectV3.js
    Just remove that error from your custom code and the widget will work again.

  • D Volatility

    Hi Tien. The widget isn't working on my blog. Any ideas?

  • Tien Nguyen

    HI. You must use desktop template for mobile. Access Template and click Gear button then choose "No. Use desktop template for mobile".

    Read this: Enable Mobile Template

  • take

    Thank you for your masterpiece.By the way I'd like to show this widget at mobile site.But I can't find good way. I've tried insert the code "mobile='yes'" to widget html. Then could you show me the suitable procedure? http://244room.blogspot.com/ and http://244room.blogspot.com/?m=1

  • Кирилл Игнатьев

    Shame on me — I hadn't seen it. Now that you pointed it out, everything works just fine! Thank you again for all your help and awesome templates and widgets!

  • Tien Nguyen

    You must see the "FEFAULT THUMBNAIL SRC" option when in Widget option before you add the widget. Did you input its vallue?

  • Кирилл Игнатьев

    Sorry to bother you, but the widget seems to work now. Although, could you help me change the default images in the thumbnail for my own ones? Thank you again.

  • Кирилл Игнатьев

    Yeah, sorry, the blog is available here: http://2kritika.blogspot.com

  • Tien Nguyen

    Can I know your blog URL?

  • Кирилл Игнатьев

    Hello there,
    Thank you for the awesome templates and widgets. I'm currently using Fame Mage theme and I seem to have problems installing this widget — it doesn't appear in the blog. Does it work with Fame Mag? Could you help me, please? Thank you.

  • Tien Nguyen

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    Hân hạnh được làm quen.

  • trung hoang

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