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MagOne Blogger Template

Blogger Error Codes

Blogger / Blogspot will not show you a clear message to tell you about what the error that you are getting. So we have full list of ... READ MORE

Blogger Help Forum

This is the right place to start if you are wondering what the Blogger / Blogspot is, a great place to learn, share, troubleshoot, and get ... READ MORE

About Blogger / Blogspot

Blogger (also called as Blogspot) is a free content management service (CMS) for publishing websites that allows multi-user blogs with ... READ MORE

How to Upload Favicon for Your WordPress Site

Login to your WordPress Admin Dashboard and navigate to Appearance > Customize > Site Identify > Site Icon and click Select Image ... READ MORE

Work with Blogger Template Designer

Some Blogger Blogspot templates support Blogger Template Designer. This feature of template will help you customize the look of your blog ... READ MORE

Active Feedburner Widget for Custom Blogger Template

Some custom Blogger Blogspot templates were already placed Follow By Email (Feedburner) widget in template code. So if you did not active ... READ MORE

How to upload favicon image for Blogger Blogspot website?

Favicon is a small logo that will be shown on tabs of browsers to help users can realize your site tab. To upload favicon for Blogger ... READ MORE

How to Upload Logo for your Blogger Blogspot Website

Your blog will be better if it has a logo. That will make your brand in visitor mind. To upload logo for Blogger – Blogspot Website, ... READ MORE

How to enable responsive feature for custom Blogger templates?

If you are using a custom Blogger template, you must enable responsive mode to make your site working well with mobile / tablet devices. To ... READ MORE

Create a Post with Blogger

Before you can create a post with Blogger, I assume that you created a blog on Blogger. Access Dashboard Now, just log in to Blogger ... READ MORE