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Documentation for Grid Spot – Responsive Blogger Template

We have a very detail documentation for Grid Spot – Responsive Blogger Template with , 2 images and 211 words

Basic Knowledge

Some basic but very important steps you must know before working with Blogger and this template

  1. Install Blogger Template
  2. IMPORTANTManage your site using Sneeit Spot
  3. Get and Import Dummy Content
  4. Enable Mobile Template
  5. Enable Search Preference for Better SEO
  6. Upload Site Logo
  7. Upload Favicon Image
  8. Work with Blogger Template Designer Tool

Activating the Theme

  1. Login to Sneeit using Envato Account
  2. Access the "Sneeit Licenses" tab in your Sneeit account to generate a license.
  3. Add Sneeit Spot into your Chrome (if did not)
  4. Access your blog dashboard, then select Sneeit Spot / Options / Keys and API and input your generated key for your site

Work with Slider

It's very easy to work with slider, you do not need to know any coding skill. Please follow below steps:

Access your blog layout and you will see slider section. You can edit / rearrange / delete widgets in this section. Or click Add a Gadget link on Slider section to add image widgets

In Add a Gadget window, click Plus button on Image gadget

In Configure Image window, input titlecaptionlink for image and then upload an image from your computer (or use a web image). After finish click Save button. Recommend size of image is 600px x 230px.

Do the same steps to upload other images to Slider (maximum 10 images).