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Discussions on Flat News – Easy News and Magazine Blogger Template

We have 7 Discussions on Flat News – Easy News and Magazine Blogger Template

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  • Hi Tien,
    Is Flat News still working accurate and uptodate with the new blogger/blogspot framework? I see the last time it was updated was in 2015.
    thnx marty

    • Hello. Thanks for asking. FlatNews is still working very well due to Blogger has no a lot of updates those years. We also always beside you to support if you purchase the template. Thank you very much.

  • Felipe Trombini

    Still a great template.
    I'm changing some things in the code, like colors and sizes,
    but the core and the features are amazing and unique.

    Thanks for this great template, and to invest time in blogspot.

  • Tien Nguyen

    The price is holding by Envato, I have no permission to change it.

  • Richard Author

    Do you have a special price for this "Dec 2015 Sale" ??

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