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Features of Blogger / Blogspot

At beginning, Blogger is only for online daily notes, but day by day, this platform became the one of most popular content management

At beginning, Blogger is only for online daily notes, but day by day, this platform became the one of most popular content management system (CMS) for publishing your website in minutes.

Blogger is one of a powerful web publishing platforms by Google. It’s easy, light, fast, stable, reliable and total free. You can use this platform to build your website for magazine, shopping, blogging, portfolio, CV and more.

The below list shows some of the features that come standard with Blogger, however there are tons of free templates, widgets, tips and tools that will help you extend its abilities follow your purposes. Just built your website as the way you want.


More than 35% websites in the world were created with Blogger. Million active users are publishing billion awesome words a day, and Blogger had already also supported more than 50 languages. This CMS is really big, famous, crowded and worth to use.

Easy to Work

You have no experience with codes? Blogger is the right choice for you. This CMS has visual and friendly admin dashboard user interface, so you can figure out where you need to click when you want to change a setting easily.

Blogger had also a built-in Advanced Editor to help you customize your website design in just few seconds. With tons of background images, unlimited color, hundred Google fonts, flexible layout builder by clicking, drag&drop widgets, .etc… Sure, you will satisfy about this CMS.

Mobile Responsive

Blogger supported built-in mobile interface long time ago. Just keep your important and rich visitors who using mobile devices stay with your site. Mobile responsive must be the key feature for a future CMS, and really fortunately when our Blogger had that.

SEO Friendly

Don’t need to¬†suspect about this. When we talk about SEO, we are talking about high position in search result of Google. And please remember, Blogger is one of important products of Google itself, so that’s why.

Blogger had also built-in Google Plus service and sharing buttons which will help you promote your content to Google+ and other social networks easily.

Very Fast

Creating a blog, publishing a post, upload an image or video, installing template, adding widgets, changing settings can be done with single click.

Blogger also comes with Google hosting, and we must admit that Google hosting is the best and fastest web server around the world. Do you want your visitor waiting your website loading in minutes? Of course, NO.

Save the time for both of you and your visitors, save your money with a fast CMS like Blogger.

Stable Services

Down time is the problem with any website in the world. Just imagine that a day, your visitors come to your site and see it is 404 page. That’s terrible.

But with Blogger, the down time is ZERO. Don’t care what’s technology which was used by Google, we just enjoy it.

Reliable System

Did you see a website of Google was hacked? Never.

Use Blogger mean you will be protected by Google. Both your site and your information will stay in a safe zone where has no any hacker or virus can access.

Blogger also developed spam filter system that can help you prevent spam and harmful content come to your site.

Making Money

Blogger comes with Adsense and Google Affiliate Network inside its system. You can start to earn from that, but of course, you have also many other ways for making money with Blogger. Everything you need is cool content for your blog. Content is King, just remember that.

Total Free

You need Templates? – They are both free and premium
You need Widgets? – They are both free and premium.
You need Sub-Domains? – They are all free.
You need Web Servers? – They are total free and unlimited.

With Blogger, you can do any thing, start you business, build up ideas, .etc… with ZERO cost. Everything you need is time, also content, and that’s all.

Of course, you can pay for premium templates, custom domain and advance support services. But even in those cases, the price is also very cheap.

24/7 Support

You can find any documentation and tips about Blogger in everywhere on the internet. Google also created many support websites for Blogger users, just try a search with Google.

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