Social Icons for Blogger / Blogspot Website Sidebar

This is simple social icon list with more than 30 brands. We don’t use jQuery in this widget, all animation effects are CSS3.
Social Icons for Blogger / Blogspot Website Sidebar Widget


Change background, icon color, border width / radius / color

Original Icons

After changed background, icon color, icon size, border width/radius/color. And also changed those things for mouse hover event.


CSS3 Animation Effects Ready

Spin animation








Support Up To 30 Social Brands and Continue Updating…



See below image to know what you need to change in widget options
Social Icons for Blogger / Blogspot Website Sidebar Widget Tutorial

Widget Options



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    God bless you for the awesome job you are doing…

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    This is too handy and very useful bro. I used it in my blog.
    Thanks for sharing this awesome tool. 🙂

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    You are awesome. You instructed in a very simple way and everyone will surely love it. But just a simple request, can you add icon for Bloglovin? Haha. Thank you so much!

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    The Bloglovin is not enough popular, so Font Awesome not support its logo.

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    How about for vine? 😀

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    Amazing…. Thank you very much….

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    Thank you very much! Very nice & helpful.

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    why mine nothing show after i add widget? really need your help sir

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    I would love it if this had Dailymotion

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