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Discussions on Understanding about Blogger Macro XML Template Code

We have 10 Discussions on Understanding about Blogger Macro XML Template Code

  • Tien Nguyen

    login to your dashboard and choose Template / Edit HTML and put the code into template code.

  • compu lack

    how can i put it in my template

  • Tien Nguyen

    It's hard to guide this, it's complex and related with template design. But you can try search all macro tags and remove all of them (this required you must have basic HTML skill)

  • Nigel J

    Can you guide me how to remove that macro section? I don't want that piece of code on my template..

  • Tien Nguyen

    Thank you. Hope you can share to your friend to let theme know about this topic.

  • William Crandell

    So very grateful for the direct information on this particular topic.

  • Tien Nguyen

    Layout macros need a lot of code because the layout is flexible. So I don't think it's simple a guidance, it must be a course.

  • Devendra Meena

    Tien, bingo bingo. Amazing next few months i will be learning from your blog. Spectacular posts and guides, i haven't seen anywhere. Macros I a gonna customize my current template with macro. Pal do you have any guidance to adding this post layout macro to a random blogger template.? Thanks.

  • Tien Nguyen

    Thank you for the kind words. If you have any question, just don't hesitate to ask here.

  • Harman Singh Hira

    Thanks for Wonderful Guide. I never seen tutorial regarding this at anywhere else.