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Discussions on Simple Social Image Hover Sharing Plugin for Blogger – Blogspot

We have 25 Discussions on Simple Social Image Hover Sharing Plugin for Blogger – Blogspot

  • I have removed this widget, but why still appear on my article post?
    Please help me. Thank you

  • it works, But it shows over comment icons too.

  • Gift Christain

    mehn i enjoy your stuff

  • Tien Nguyen

    Hi. We must share the page of blogger and include hash because all images you insert into your post will have domain: .blogspot.com or image from third party service which also have domain from other site, not your site.

    So, if we share image, this domain show on image is another site, not our site, and this don't make sense.

  • hello, i have a blog where i post images, cartoons in .JGEG or.PNG format ive done as u suggested, plugin is working too but, it shares my page instead of that specific image.
    for example : ive got 5 images on page 1 & i want to share image no 3 on social media, i click on F share, but entire page get share not image 3,
    sorry to say but blogger has already given a shar button & it also share page or that specific post but as u have mentioned this plugin works for images, i found there is something wrong either in my understanding or in pulin. plz solve my query.
    you can checkout my blog for reference http://whatsupfunofficial.blogspot.in/p/funny-jokes.html

  • Tien Nguyen

    We provided "Image Jquery Selector" in widget option, so you can change to another attribute if you want.

  • fahim raza

    It would be more good if you had added "a" as alt because alt is used to name images and if we add hover_share to every image, it won't be good for seo. And the size of buttons can be increased by changing the width:20px; and height:20px; to desired width and height along with that you have to increase the line-height. By the way thanks for this widget. But it would be more good if you delete the "about" icon from this widget as some images are of small size and can't show that.

  • Tien Nguyen

    Hi. I updated the plugin and you don't need to add the code any more. Just input into field: IMAGE JQUERY SELECTOR (FOR ADVANCE USERS ONLY) with your selector. In most of case, the selector may be like below for all image in post without the alt

    .post-body img

  • Mr Conroy

    I added the code above - posted by Robert and Tien to automatically add the hover_share to img alt but no joy.
    I used the insert image and added image from Picasa but it didn't work. If I manual add the alt="hover_share" it works great.
    Any thoughts?

  • Tien Nguyen

    I just updated the plugin where you can choose "IMAGE JQUERY SELECTOR" as you like, not force to input "hover_share" for alt any more.

  • Vinod Kumar


  • Tien Nguyen

    Put below code before </head>

    <script type='text/javascript'>
    $('.separator img').attr('alt', 'hover_share');

  • Avinash Techoogle

    where to put this code $('.separator img').attr('alt', 'hover_share'); pls tellme

  • Robert Morschel

    I love this plugin. I thought I'd share a neat bit of JQuery to automatically apply this to all images:

    $('.separator img').attr('alt', 'hover_share');

    I hope the code renders ok.

  • Oksana Od

    Thank you. It works and it's great

  • Tien Nguyen

    Input your Blog URL in Add Widget form?

    Show your Blog URL, I will take a look.

  • Prasoon Shandilya

    widget isn't working on my blog, did everything which is mentioned above, pls. help.

  • Tien Nguyen

    We have only 1 size, so we can not increase.

  • Deepak patel

    Nice Plugins for Blogger,
    Can you plese tell me How can I increase the size of social Button as its look vary small.

  • rao tahir shaber

    great i was looking for it!

  • iai ahmed

    very nice posts...

  • yodi insigne

    I've just used this on my blog and it's working perfectly. Thanks ans more power to your blog. I can't help but browse further for some other useful stuff.

  • Umer Prince

    Great job! you are a next level blogger