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Manual Template 2.0.1 – Create Your Online Document with Blogger

Manual template is a template for creating online documentation, manual, guidelines, tutorial, release, … easily. Manual template is

Manual template is a template for creating online documentation, manual, guidelines, tutorial, release, … easily. Manual template is powered by Blogger, it’s free, fast, optimized and elegant.

Why Using Online Document?

I am an author of ThemeForest, and I found it’s hard for me and my customers when I need to update my document. Every time I found a thing need to be updated in my document, I must modify it offline, then packing it into my download file and submit to ThemeForest then waiting their review.

With a small modification, if I use offline document, it will take time from myself, my customers and review team. Wasted a lot of time from a lot of people.

If you are using print document, and include it into your shipment package, that’s even bigger trouble if you need to update your document. You need to print your document and ship it again to a lot of customers. That will waste not only time, but also money.

And you will receive a lot of questions related to your document fault when your customers waiting your updates.

That’s why, ONLINE document must be a better solution:

  • Save your time, your customer time, review time
  • Update any time you want
  • Customer will get the update immediately
  • Save money and you can focus to other important tasks.

But we need a document template with best friendly UI for our customers. So I spent time to try a lot but can not find a good template. Finally, I decided to create a whole new document template for everybody who need to create online documents, guidelines, tutorials, manuals, … like me. And MANUAL TEMPLATE is the result.

Features of Manual Template

  • Easy to Use: Blogger is the number 1 free blogging platform of world and it has a lot of free tuts, gadgets and you can find everything for your online document. You just need to spend some minutes to create a new blog, and make content easily. I used this platform from 2009 and I always satisfy with it.
  • Free Hosting and Domain: using Blogger means you will get the best free hosting of the world from Google. And you will receive unlimited free domain with extension .blogspot.com
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: Google hosting is unlimited everything. Regardless how many customers do you have, the document will always load very fast and smoothly with ZERO downtime forever. Don’t waste money for hosting or premium services when everything you need only a document.
  • Best Security: You can backup and restore your document at any time or easily moving it to any other platform. The hosting of Google is very safe and can not be hacked. FREE hosting, but BEST service.
  • Upload Image Directly: Blogger provides free image hosting, so you can upload image directly into your document content. You don’t get headache by uploading and copying image manually to documentation like before
  • Searchable: Your customers can search everything very easily. This is special important thing if your product is very complex and your document is really big.
  • Easy Navigate: This template supports two levels of menu, it also supports tags, popular listing, newer / older tutorials, related contents, table of contents … Your customers must be satisfy when they can indicate immediately what they need.
  • Visual and Interactive: With a lot of built-in features like: shortcodes, rating, discussion, … You documentation will be fully useful for your customers.

This template is providing online documentation at: http://manualtemplate.blogspot.com/

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