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Changelog for MagOne Lite 2.2 – Free Responsive WordPress Theme

MagOne Lite is a free responsive WordPress Theme for blogging, affiliate, making money online and personal websites.


  • Fixed: remove minified code from style.css
  • Fixed: replace images from Unplash.com


  • Fixed: change Theme and Author URI, also footer credit link to match with WordPress.org standard
  • Fixed: change function prefix to magone_lite
  • Fixed: remove ping back tag in header.php and use only the magone_lite_pingback_header() function
  • Fixed: change get_template_part to get_sidebar for header-wide-sidebar and header-before-content-sidebar sidebars
  • Fixed: change prefix for Javascript enqueues to jquery-owl, magone-lite-lib, magone-lite-main


  • Fixed: change MagOne upsell WordPress theme to 100% GPL Compatible


  • Fixed: Allow changing home page latest post block title
  • Fixed: Remove upsell credit link


  • Fixed: Change date('Y') to date_i18n(__('Y','textdomain'))
  • Fixed: Use the_posts_pagination() instead of complex code
  • Fixed: Use get_the_archive_title() instead of complex code (for custom style purpose)
  • Fixed: Remove functions mb_
  • Fixed: REQUIRED: 'sanitize_callback' => 'esc_attr' - esc_attr() is not sanitizing function


  • Fixed: use get_template_directory() to load non template PHP files. Always use get_template_part() for template parts
  • Fixed: Escape home_url() with esc_url()
  • Fixed: Always use home_url() instead of get_home_url()
  • Fixed: $main_color = esc_attr(sanitize_hex_color(get_theme_mod( 'main_color', '#FF3D00' ))); - No need of using sanitizing function. When used in displaying, just use escaping function
  • Fixed: implement add_editor_style() properly
  • Fixed: Remove this plugin territory code
  • Fixed: Remove magone_pagenav_index(). Please use alternative
  • Fixed: Remove magone_title_to_slug(). Use WP available function if needed.
  • Fixed: Remove mb_strlen when it is already handled by core.


  • Fixed: Wrong theme text domain
  • Fixed: Show require-once info


  • Init Release