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30+ Blogger Tips from Sneeit (page 2 of 4)

35 Free Tips and Tutorials for Blogger / Blogspot websites. Useful for all publishers, web owners and developers. You are viewing the second page of 4 pages

Add Nivo Image Slider for Blogger Blogspot

Nivo slider is a popular Free Image Slider for web designers. In this article, I will show you how to integrate this to your Blogger / ... READ MORE

Like and Dislike Rating System for Blogger

This rating system is inspired from Youtube like/dislike system, and I made it for your Blogger / Blogspot website. This like / dislike ... READ MORE

Add jQuery to Your Blogger and Blogspot Template Code

JQuery is the very important Javascript Library to make effects, animation and cool functions for your blog. Many Blogger plugins are also ... READ MORE

Active Search References and Make Blogger Better for SEO

Blogger (Blogspot) upgraded their SEO features, and one of them allows you enable search references for better SEO effect on your blog. In ... READ MORE

Host CSS/Javscript is faster than embedded code in Blogger Template?

Blogger has no hosting for us to host css and javascript files. So we always find a free or cheap hosting to host our files. But before ... READ MORE

Blogger Basic Global Layout Data Tags

The Global Layout Data Tags will be used anywhere in your Blogger template code. This article is useful for Blogger developers who creating ... READ MORE

Add Custom CSS into Blogger Template without Modify XML Code

Some time you need to make some minor customization with CSS only, or you bought a premium theme and author send your some CSS codes to ... READ MORE

How to search a code in your Blogger Blogspot Template

If you want to search code in your current template that’s used for your Blogger Blogspot blog, just follow below steps: Access ... READ MORE

How to download your Blogger template fully

Some time you need to download your template for backup or for your developer / designer can support modify it. So, to do that follow below ... READ MORE

Work with Blogger / Blogspot labels on your blog

Blogger label is used to group many of posts into a group. This feature of Blogger allows your visitors can follow your topics easily. When ... READ MORE