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Discussions on Blogger Template Installation Service

We have 37 Discussions on Blogger Template Installation Service

  • i don't want to change my old data
    can it possible to install magone theme

  • I want order that for my blog
    Many Simple details on Email 📧
    If you answer my!💔


  • I need your service, but i will like to contact you before purchase but couldn't find any email address on this page. How do we contact you for details of service?

  • Hi Tien,

    I want to use SpotCommerce to sell digital products not physical product, and I have a couple question.

    Is it possible to:

    1. Only use one payment method (Paypal), and remove the others?
    2. Remove "Billing Details", and remove "Shipping and Handling fee"?

    So customer can go directly to Paypal after they're place order, without fill "Billing Details".

    3. Set each product only can be sold once, and automatically "Out of Stock" ?

    Thank you.

  • What is problem ?


  • Hi, i'm so happy to use your template MagOne, really it's very profesional theme, Fast and Pro
    But i think you forget to add "Split post in multiple post" like in WordPress, it's can be the best one because i do the "ADSENSE ARBITRAGE", check this to get idea : http://www.yesisviral.com/2018/06/12-signs-your-boyfriend-wants-to-spend.html
    thank you

    • The template already has that feature. Please purchase the template so I will show you how to use that. Thanks.

      • Yes i found it, but the problem is : the page not be reloaded to get more Ad impression in AdSense and to increase CTR% of click, we need a large responsive button not 1,2,3
        if that available i will buy the template right now, thank you bro

        • The reload feature already available in template settings.

          But I would like to explain a bit. CTR is number click per view. 100 views, 10 clicks CTR = 10%. If you increase loading page views and the click number still the same, for example sudden increase to 1000 views (using the feature), still 10 clicks, CTR = 1%. It's decreased => BAD analytic status and advertiser may not choose your placements.

          Another reason, Adsense impression based on SESSIONS. A person read a post will count as only ONE SESSION, not matter how many page that post has (this is because the CANONICAL meta tag).

          Don't try to FOOL Adsense.

  • I want to purchase the magone theme, my blog has very little images and I do not want to use random images or images from the net.
    Is there any setting in the theme for this.

  • If you can make the transition from old theme to new theme will be smooth, i want to purchase 1 more license and purchase the service.

    Thanks and Regards

  • Dear Tien,
    I already have 2 licenses for MAGONE, and i already have a blog, it is www.rajabmw.blogspot.com.
    If i purchase your service, will your team install and also configure the MENU which is already available in current blog to the theme?
    There are many link i.e Home, Exterior, etc in the page.. and also there are many menus in footer.

    I need to make sure the web will function normally as before. Because everyday there are about 1000 peaple access it.

    Looking forward to hear from you
    Thanks and Best Regards

    • Hello.

      Installation service is only about installing the template, not about customize as custom demand or configure custom content (included menu). So you will have to configure menus and content box by yourself.

      • But previously you said your staff will configure it to look similar with demo template.
        Or maybe there is little support to configure Menu etc..?


        • Yes. We will configure it similar and exactly the demo. That's mean the menu items of your site will be similar with the menu items of the demo. After that, you will modify the menu as you want. Thanks.

  • Dear Tien,
    I need to change my theme. But i need to ask you something:

    if i change the blogger theme, will it affect SEO of my blog??

    Looking forward to hear your advice
    Best Regards

  • how does the service involve?

  • i have purchased the geek press theme and need to havd it uploiaded to my custom domaon on blogger, can you provide this service?

  • Am using magone now, I have design it good and Fine... But it left with the "Long Post Pagination" and" Premium Content" Can You help Me to Do It...Because Sometimes My Content long.. Please..

  • So if i pay for this service.. You will design my Site for me Right?? I want to pay or this.. You guys to design my site for me..

  • Do I have to change my server

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