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Discussions on Add Nivo Image Slider for Blogger Blogspot

We have 26 Discussions on Add Nivo Image Slider for Blogger Blogspot

  • hello admin is this slider not working anymore? I have followed every step but slider is not showing.

    • Hello,

      Different templates could have different method to add. You could use my MagOne premium template to have a premimum slider without need to add codes manually. Thanks.

      • i have already purchased the magone blogger template. Before it was working but after updating to the latest version the code is not working. And by the way, i want to add image slider inside blog post. Is there this option on Magone premium template because i couldn't see it on documentaion.

        • MagOne template has a different jQuery enqueue (async) while the nivo slider here require a sync jQuery which can collide with the async jQuery of the theme.
          The theme has not image slider in the post because it could hurt the performance of single pages.

  • Please you can make css for Carousel Slider?

  • how to change width?

  • Tien Nguyen

    Hi. Please make sure you disable mobile version of Blogger. http://www.sneeit.com/2000/10/how-to-enable-responsive-feature-for.html and your template must be also a responsive template.

  • özkan Arslan

    hey tien
    when ı check this slider on chrome, mobile version, there s no slider, just show pictures. but this slider on their site responsive, what ı must do to make that my slider works on mobile type.


    you can use any image (its batter to use your own images from google photos). just right click on image and copy image url and past in in html instead of "yourimage.jpg".
    feel free to ask me if any issue

  • Tien Nguyen

    Yes, just create a draft post, upload image and change to HTML mode to get image src.

  • moshiur rahman

    is it "new post" than "insert picture"

  • moshiur rahman

    please do not mind I know web design but as a blogger i am new but trying my level best to make concentration on blogging

  • Tien Nguyen

    If you don't know how to upload images to Blogspot mean you are very beginner for this platform, so don't follow this tutorial, it's for developers.

  • moshiur rahman

    plz help I am not able to store images.Please give me screenshot

  • Tien Nguyen

    Upload images to your post and then get their URLs. This tutorial for developers, not for beginners.

  • Tien Nguyen

    Follow the above tutorial.

  • moshiur rahman

    where i will store my images

  • moshiur rahman

    how can i add a slider in my blogspot

  • Tien Nguyen

    Mean not slide? Just press F12 (on Chrome) to see if your site has any javascript error.

  • Chandra A.Putra

    Hi tien, thank you for share this good info, how to solve when i finished all above steps the pictures not change

  • Berguru SEO

    simple and clean slider, thank you Tien

  • YuYu.Soledad

    how to change width?

  • Tien Nguyen

    As the code in step 3, you can see image 2 has a link, so you can use this to link to any page. Because this tips is for developers, so I will not explain in detail for example code.

  • The Hungry Eurasian

    Hi, thank you for this! I'm about to use this in my blog, but I was wondering if you can link the images to redirect to another page?