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Scripts from Sneeit

5 Premium and free code snippets for JavaScript, PHP, CSS, HTML and more

Online HTML Course Builder for Education Websites

Online Course Builder will help you create courses with a lot of attractive effects. This tool will allow you create html code for your ... READ MORE

ResPick – Live Responsive Checker Tool for Web Designers

ResPick will help you check your website responsive design with popular screen resolutions and sizes. This is one of my favorite tool when ... READ MORE

EntiDic – HTML Entity List with Full Symbols, Entities and Codes

Entities are special symbols and characters that were built in HTML language of your browser. Not all entities are supported by your ... READ MORE

Gerand Tool – Generate Random Passwords, Strings and Codes Online

Gerand is a tool that will help you generate random password with strongest security level or create random string for your personal ... READ MORE

Garog – Google Analytics Real Time Overview Report Generator

You can use this tool to generate Google Analytics Real-Time Overviews Report for your students if you are teaching about webmaster tools ... READ MORE