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7 Most Efficient Ways to Promote Premium WordPress Themes

A collection of the most efficient ways to promote premium WordPress themes to get more sales.

The ideas in this collection are not mine. I just go around and read from most popular websites, and summary here for all you guys who are selling WordPress themes like me. So just read, discuss and share your case study. I am also working on these ideas:

1. Giveaway / Share Free Stuff

  • Release a free / lite version of your themes
  • Has notification in your free themes to offer users upgrading to premium version
  • Giveaway web elements (buttons, icons, banners, …)
  • Using plugins to require users to share the events around on social networks or subscribe your mail list to download the stuff

2. Sell on many marketplaces

You can not use this idea if you are selling your item on an exclusive marketplaces. But if not, just search on Google the top WordPress marketplaces and submit your item to all of them.

3. Increase Quality of your WordPress Themes

Support services must be focused seriously.

  • Add more detail to documentation,
  • Add FAQ + Release Notes,
  • Add detail tutorial videos,
  • Hire more employees to support customers,
  • Make your themes become easy to use and customize
  • Fix all bugs as fast as you can
  • Collect suggestions and improve your themes
  • Reply in detail all comments, regardless pre-sales or complaints.

Upgrading your themes to have a lot of demos (full site and one pages), also support developers to modify your themes by adding child themes and also development document.

Your themes should make huge impression to visitors at the first time they see your items. Focus on quality, not quantity.

4. Newsletter Marketing

Send a HTML email which has beautiful design and very clear information to your newsletter subscribers very month, so they can know what new updates, sale off events, giveaway or bonus downloads are waiting them.

5. Buy Ads and Reviews

We like free ways more, right? But you also need to check if the paid contents can work efficiently or not first. If they can bring more customers to you with an affordable price, just do it. Otherwise, forget it and focus to other ideas.

Paid contents can be ads, reviews, or affiliate program. The affiliate program is recommended when you just need to pay if you earned.

6. Expert on Social Networks

Don’t need to spam content to all social networks, just pick one and focus on it. Have a lot of tips out there on the internet about how to engage to your social users. Just search, learn and apply the best way you like.

7. Search Engine Optimizations

This is never getting old. Use Adwords Keyword Planner tools to find the best keywords that you can compete with. After that, optimize your item title, content, images … on your item detail page.

You also need to check your item icon, banner / preview image to see that if it is encouraging people click on it or not.

You can also create press / personal blogs to write about your items and other related stuff, but it will take time, just patience and focus.


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