SpotEggs – Online Blogger Template Code Editor for Developers

SpotEggs - Online Blogger Template Code Editor for Developers

SpotEggs is a premium editor for developing Blogger / Blogspot template code. It’s comfortable, smart, modern and increase speed for all of your template projects. Just enjoy this powerful and functionally tool.


  1. Supports Multi Files
  2. Auto Save using HTML Storage API
  3. Cloud Sync if you are using Google Chrome with Logged in Account.
  4. Portable Codes and Frameworks Included.
  5. Smart Folding
  6. Auto-complete with any word hint
  7. Auto Match any word
  8. Auto Close Brackets and Tags
  9. Updating Usually



Data tags with icon are Bool variables, with icon are Integer variables, with icon are Array of Objects variables.

When hover a menu item, if its background is Orange, mean you can click it to insert code, if the background is dark, mean it is menu container only, no code will be inserted when you click it.

Below is hot key list (If you are using Mac, Ctrl is your Cmd key):

  • Ctrl+Z: Undo
  • Ctrl+Y: Redo
  • Ctrl+F (or Ctrl + H): Find and Replace
  • Ctrl+S: Save current code to storage
  • Ctrl+Space: Show Code Hints
  • Ctrl+L: Delete Line
  • Ctrl+D: Duplicate Line
  • Alt+hold left mouse: Select Code Area
  • Esc: Escape from any box
  • F11: Toggle Fullscreen mode
  • F3: Find Next
  • Shift+F3: Find Previous
  • Ctrl+B: Insert Bookmark Code
  • F4: Jump to next bookmark code
  • Shift+F4: Jump to previous bookmark code
  • Ctrl+;: Jump to end of line and insert ;
  • Alt+;: Jump to end of line and insert :
  • Ctrl+’: Insert at cursor a code
  • Alt+’: Insert at cursor a code “”
  • Ctrl+J: Insert jquery blank select code $(”). at cursor
  • Ctrl+shift+J: Insert jquery this select code $(this). at cursor
  • Alt+F: Insert blank function code function () {} at cursor
  • Ctrl+Shift+E: Escape selected HTML code to entities