Online HTML Course Builder for Education Websites

Online HTML Course Builder for Education Websites

Online Course Builder will help you create courses with a lot of attractive effects. This tool will allow you create html code for your courses to publish to your websites easily.


  • Display order number for chapters and lessons automatically
  • Drag & Drop to build course structure easily.
  • Play videos directly in lessons or provide links to your videos on Youtube or Vimeo
  • Toggle to expand / collapse lessons, easy for students to follow your course structure.
  • Allow enable social locker to require students like / tweet to learn. This will help you increase your traffic a lot.
  • Can disable our copyright link if you don’t need our support.
  • Translation ready, so you can publish course in any language you want.
  • Auto save your latest course structure so you can edit next time after you closed your browser.

Demo Courses

Build a Course Now

Just click [Add new chapter] button to start building your course, and then click [Generate Code] to get your course code.

Import Course Data

Import Data

Course Options

Course Chapters and Lessons

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    Awesome Tien Nguyen. You're doing great! Thanks so much!

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    Hi, tien I don't know why this post having less comments. However this is unique, helpful for most bloggers.

    Tip – tie up with some known bloggers, that gives a boost to your popularity.
    Tip – your feedburner isn't working, fix it bro.


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    Dear Devendra.

    Your feedback is really really useful for me. Thank you very much for all.
    I fixed the feedburner form, now you can use it.
    I only focus to code and seem that's bad. Now, I will follow your advises.

    I added you as my friend on Google+, hope to be friend of all guys who always want to help people around their, and of course, hope to be friend of you. Thank you again.

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    Thanks bro, this is a very good post…I was trying to use the app…I add a chapter..then a lesson but couldn't add content to the lesson

    Please help…Its urgent

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    Please message on What to do and how to go about it…Thanks

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    Can you please explain what happen when you insert your code to your site?

  • comment-avatar

    The code actually displayed well when I copied it but the challenge is; How do I add text content to each of the links?

  • comment-avatar

    I have Headings and subheadings……Under my lessons here, I tried to name the lessons and add some content but couldn't…..Like the cursor is disabled

  • comment-avatar

    You don't need to add the heading tags to title, the tool will generate for you.

    In Lesson Content, you can input any HTML tags.

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    […] July 2015, While surfing for some tool’s I came to Tien’s blogpost Online Course Builder for websites and after then I read more posts on his blog and me relly liked them. So I was very interested in […]

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