Blogger Underscore Menu System

Pages or Link List widget with $type=menu in title will become menu navigation if your template was integrated Underscore Menu System of Blogger.

Blogger Underscore Menu System supports drop-down, mega content and FontAwesome Icons.

[ Watch Tutorial Video ]

Check Compatible

To check if your template was integrated Blogger Underscore Menu System or not, just access your blog Layout

Then find if has any widget contains $type=menu in its title. If you found one, that’s mean the template is compatible with this system.

Or you can confirm with your template author, if template is compatible with this system, you can add any Pages or Link List widget to your layout with $type=menu in title to display menu navigation.

Underscore Rules

Number underscore symbols ( _ ) before name of each menu item will identify for their sub level.

Menu items have no underscore symbol will be the top level menu items (level 0). All menu items with 1 underscore symbol (level 1) staying under a level 0 menu will become its sub menu items, and so on.

Mega Menu

You can also input [mega] at beginning of a level 0 menu name to make it become a mega menu. If URL of a mega menu is a label URL (/search/label/name_of_label), it will become mega content.

Menu Icons

You can add icon to menu item name by using FontAwsome codes. Example:

Pages or Link List widget?

Which is better? Both have their own advantage and weakness.

If you use Pages widget, you can drag and drop position of menu items and can add page URLs to menu list very easily, but you can not edit custom links. You must delete an menu item and add another one if you want to edit it.

If you use Link List widget, you must spend time to use arrow buttons to move menu items up / down to their desire position, this is the weakness. But you can edit any menu item (both name and URL) very easily.

If you don’t want to use the default menu widget that template author set up for you, you can remove it and add another one as you like.



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    How did you create this system? I want to include it in my blog template as well. It's so much easier to create a dropdown menu than by going into the code everytime.

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    Dear. This article only provides ideas, you can follow and create your own code. But don't worry, I will release a tool that will help your customers create menu easier than this system.

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    And when we'll be expecting this? I think I tried like 7 templates and none of them work.

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    How to make like this system?

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    for me. i think it's too difficult to config the menu .please use code html

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    How to make complex mega? (magone 4.3)

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    How we can add Google Adsense in Post Content in MagOne. In Layout the Adsense code is not working. Please help.

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